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1. Everything you need to get yourself online. Use our Buying Page to select one of our amazing solutions to suit your needs, then choose your own unique domain name/email address to complement your site! Snap up your ideal name (i.e. before someone else does!
2. Breeze through our Page-Builder to create your own website today. Choose from hundreds of professional template designs or upload your own. Use our DIY designer for limitless possibilities! The only boundary is your imagination.
3. Develop your own unique website with fantastic features including; photo & video albums, games, puzzles, e-cards, sports pages, live news, music, diary, guestbook, customised pages, webpage special effects, shopping cart (for credit card you need a PayPal account),...and more. All at the click of a button!
4. Start by knowing absolutely nothing about websites, and finish that way too if you like. Or you could learn how to build a website using HTML as you go along with our unique tutorial system. Earn yourself personalised WebsiteBoffin certificates supporting the National Curriculum ICT statements.
5. ...and finally, the whole world can come to you. Now make money or new friends. Reassuringly simple to use from the comfort of your own home. Do it now!

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    “I thought building websites was supposed to be difficult. Well it’s not and I can’t believe how easy it is to change things. I have been using the DIY area to create my own site and I love it. Each day I go on and try the different banners and patterns. I would recommend Website Boffin to anyone.”
    Keith, Newcastle

    “Websiteboffin is fantastic. My knowledge of computers before this was how to switch them on and how to switch them off. With your programme I've written an 18 page web site with moving pictures, puzzles and competitions all in 2 days.”

    Mike, Tewkesbury


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